The Concert

Today my sons played in their second concert.  They play the piano and have been taking classes for a little over a year now. It was wonderful just to be there and listen to my boys perform. They worked diligently and practiced a lot. I am truly a very proud father.

There were many other young people that performed in today’s concert.  Most played the piano, a few played the guitar and one boy played the cello.  I listened attentively to each child’s recital and genuinely enjoyed all that I heard. I couldn’t help but to feel amazed as I watched coordinated fingers running across piano keys, playing guitar strings and effortlessly encouraging a bow to create beautiful melodies upon the strings of a cello. Even more remarkable was witnessing the presentation of magnificent pieces of music solely from memory.

I imagined how it must have been the first time each of these children picked up their chosen instrument. Something that at first was so unfamiliar had become almost an extension of their own hands. The instrument itself, its texture, and the sounds it creates have over time become part of the child himself.

Time is one key. Consistent practice is the other key. Given enough time and consistency of practice, the child learns at first how to play notes, then rhythms, and eventually delightful pieces of music.  I am a firm believer that any worthwhile endeavor can be achieved by consistent practice and perseverance. Even seemingly enormous goals can be broken down into smaller ones and accomplished one small step at a time. Practice does make perfect. The children at the concert are living proof of that.