We typically make decisions and take action based upon the things that we know-upon how we understand the circumstances that surround us.  Many times our conclusions are correct and our behaviors are appropriate. However, I’m fairly certain that on numerous occasions our assumptions are mistaken and thus our conduct will reflect this. I can definitely say that this is true of myself.

The manner in which we see a situation is our perspective. The eye of a hurricane looks and feels quite a bit different than other parts of the storm. Perspective. As a practitioner of medicine, I have an entirely different perspective than a layperson. A person who suddenly has the onset of severe abdominal pain will likely have a different meaning for me than for, let’s say-an astrophysicist. It would be like I am on an entirely different level of understanding with regards to the situation.  Similarly, if there was some enormous cosmic event that was going to impact our Earth, the converse would hold true. The astrophysicist would have an understanding that I could probably not even fathom.

I have two dogs- a yellow Labrador and a miniature poodle. Until a few months ago, I thought that I knew a lot about owning and raising dogs. Not so. Our Labrador was beginning to display behavioral issues that we were concerned about. I didn’t know what to do. Around that time, I happened to come across a copy of “Cesar’s way”, by Cesar Millan. Mr. Millan taught me an entirely different way to view canine behavior.  I learned how dogs see the world, and it is a lot different than I had once thought. I gained a new perspective, and it has helped immensely. (As an aside-prior to the behavioral issues, my wife had watched some episodes of Cesar’s television show and had mentioned some of his ideas to me. Of course, I didn’t listen at the time. She was right 🙂 – I should have listened.

Thus, proper perspective is essential.  It can help in all life situations. It can be especially valuable in difficult circumstances. When these circumstances arise, take a step back and ask yourself if there is any other way to look at things. Seek advice.  Read an article or book. Many times the perspective of others can be a wonderful gift, helping to provide the enlightenment needed to assist us in solving many of life’s most challenging quandaries.