Helping to Create a Better Version of Myself

pexels helicopterMistakes. Failures.  In the past, I hated to make mistakes. I despised failure even more.   Years ago, I would become quite upset over mistakes and failures. It wasn’t until several years ago that I learned that mistakes and failures are important.  They are essential in that they are necessary for growth. If mistakes lead to learning and improvement, they are invaluable.

I find it curious that although I understand a concept, sometimes that comprehension does not translate into actual thoughts and feelings.  I had this experience recently during a flying lesson.  For a while, I had been interested in learning how to fly a helicopter.  I guess it was my fear of heights that held me back, but one day I decided to inquire.  I took an introductory flight and loved it.  I was scared up in the air, but I loved it and decided to continue.

One thing we practice is hovering.  It is challenging to coordinate brain, hands and feet to keep the aircraft in a hover in one place a few feet above the ground. I had been showing some improvement over the course of a few lessons. However, during my most recent lesson my flight instructor gave me greater reign over the controls and I did much worse than I had in the past. In the moment I felt disappointed with my performance. It wasn’t until the drive home that I realized that my mistakes were vital for my learning and growth.

Later that day, my son Joey was on his pogo-stick.  I watched him with amazement.  He was good!  I remember when he first got it. He couldn’t even do a single jump without falling off. He practiced.  Over time, all his mistakes and little failures created quite a talent for using a pogo-stick.

In the future, I am going to try to make a conscious effort to truly understand the importance of my mistakes in the moment. After all, if I learn from them, they are helping to create a better version of myself.

This is Steve Piriano ready for departure.  Until next time…