The Joy of Presence

Red Leaf Trees Near the Road

Today is a beautiful day. I sat on my porch as the sun bathed my face with a gentle warmth. It was quiet. The only sound was the melodious song of birds as they chatted with each other. My beautiful Japanese Maple, with its deep red leaves, stood to my right. The air was light and fresh. I let my eyelids close and meditated for twenty minutes. Upon opening my eyes, I felt refreshed and calm. I also felt present.

There is really a lot to be said about being present. Just being in the moment. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Right here and right now. It seems like such a simple thing. Well, it actually is a simple thing. Yet, its effects can be profound and permeate into all aspects of your life.

The joy of presence. Lying on a beach. Hiking along a mountain trail. Having a hectic day at work. Being stuck in traffic. Petting your dog. Eating a crisp, juicy apple. Cuddling with your spouse or children. Trying to bring awareness to the moment you are in, rather than the future or the past, can be a wonderful undertaking. It doesn’t have to be an official meditation session.

I am tying to be more cognizant of this. There are many times when my body is in this moment while my mind is in some other time and place. Of course, sometimes daydreaming can be a wonderful way to generate ideas and spark creativity. I do enjoy letting my mind wander at times. However, I want to get better at being where I am right now. I know that, over time, it will help to bring more clarity and tranquility into my life.