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Working as a doctor in the Emergency Room is often very challenging. Most days are incredibly hectic.  I’m sure that most clinicians that staff an ER find themselves in a near constant state of both physical and mental activity for the entire duration of their shift-myself included.  I find myself running around for 12 hours and filling multiple roles.  These include clinical detective, social worker, patient advocate and teacher. We get to put band-aids on wounds, re-align broken bones, care for people who have been involved in car accidents and act as part of a team to help save a person who is having a heart attack.

It is rewarding to know that I helped improve or even save someone’s life because of the knowledge and skills that I possess. I also find it rewarding to know that I have established a connection with a person and family.  Placing medicine aside, just the thought that I was able to reach out and help another human being is a wonderful thing.

A few weeks ago I took care of a young old girl with a broken wrist.  I had to administer medicines to put her into a relaxed state, after which I manipulated her arm to reduce the fracture. Her mother wished to stay in the room during the procedure, and I knew that this helped alleviate her fears.  When the child woke up she felt better.  Her mom put on a smile of relief.  This was more satisfying to me than the actual fracture reduction.

I believe that no matter what path we choose in life that we should strive to be as good as we can be.  And I believe that we should always do our absolute best to sincerely help improve and add value to another person’s life in some way.

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