I run a few times each week, and I can remember one day last week when I went out for a run.  Nothing out of the ordinary. However, for some reason it seemed extremely difficult. My legs felt so tired. I felt the burn of lactic acid build-up very early on.  With each stride, I felt like I wanted to stop.  Maybe I just was not in the mood to run.

However, I kept going.  I kept pushing through my desire to stop and the fatigue in my legs. I kept moving.  After a short while, I no longer felt tired.  It also didn’t seem to require as much energy to keep my legs moving. As a matter of fact, I was enjoying the feeling of my legs really pumping. My energy levels continued to soar, and there was a point during my run when it felt like I could continue for hours.  When it was over, I felt great!

That run reminded me of two facts I first learned way back when I was a student studying physics. First, inertia is the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest. Second, momentum (or impetus), is the tendency of a moving body to maintain its motion. I’ve also been reminded of these two lessons many times over while reading books on the subject of personal development. And like my run that day, I’ve been reminded of these truths many times over through my own personal experiences.

Many times when you’re not doing much, your inertia can make it difficult to start moving. It will take discipline and will power, but once you start moving you gain momentum. And the more you keep going, the more momentum you gain-which gets you going even more. It’s a wonderful upwards spiral.

This principle applies to any goal you have set for yourself- whether it is related to health, sports, fitness, education, career, finances or relationship. Momentum can help us do great things!

Back when I was in school, I can remember some of my fellow classmates saying that physics was boring.  If only they knew!


2 thoughts on “Physics”

  1. What an awesome feeling that must have been! I wish there was a formula for that discipline and will power you mention. I do feel like I’m getting closer. Maybe if I keep reading your inspiring blogs I’ll take that first step….

    1. Hey DebZ-regarding a formula for discipline or will power-I believe that it ultimately comes down to a choice that you make. There are, however, lots of things that can help with this choice. For instance, having a buddy doing the same thing as you, or at the very least an accountability partner-someone who will hold you accountable for completing the tasks you have set for yourself. Many times, even if we won’t do something for ourselves, if we know that someone else is going to be checking up on us, we will make sure it gets done. -SteveP

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