Inspiration from Tomatoes

Tomato Top of White Ceramic Plate

Early in the summer I started my vegetable garden.  I pulled up the weeds that had grown in the spring and put in fresh soil. I planted a few different vegetables, including tomatoes.  I had purchased them as small plants. They seemed so small and delicate-no more than six inches tall. Over the ensuing weeks I tended to them regularly. I ensured that they were adequately watered, and secured them to posts to assure they would be well supported.

Yesterday as I admired the garden, something struck a chord within. I noticed just how much my tomato plants had grown. I had recognized this every time I cared for the garden.  But yesterday I really understood it. They are at least two feet tall-very green and lush.  They are so big that their leaves are overhanging the wooden planters. I even saw a small tomato here and there.  They are truly majestic.

As I marveled at my garden, the concept that I became aware of is that the plants are supposed to grow. I know it sounds obvious, but bear with me. The young seedlings were meant to develop and flourish. All that potential was in the tiny seeds from which they originated. They were destined to become magnificent wonders of nature.

The same is true for all creatures. Every living thing on this planet was brought into existence to rise to its full potential. Think about it–have you ever seen a mature six inch tall oak tree?  We too were created to rise to our highest. We were all given special gifts and talents. We were meant to use and develop them.  We are not supposed to keep inside that which eagerly desires to be released. We should be using our gifts to create, serve and be of benefit to humankind and this planet.

It’s amazing how much one can learn from a tomato.





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