Choices and Action

Red Racing Car on Race Track during Daytime

Consistent choices and action over time are the two things that will determine what types of results a person achieves in every area of his or her life.

Regarding health, eating the right foods each day and exercising regularly are the foundations of maintaining good health.

This lesson is important for adults, but also for children, who have an opportunity to begin making good choices from an early age.

Following is an excerpt from a children’s book I wrote entitled “The Lost Ugew”. It is a story and activity book in which I also wanted to instill the importance of healthy living to the young readers.

“There are many great ways to take care of yourself,” says Pogavat. “You can learn about them from different places–such as grown-ups, books and the internet. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just eat lots of fruits and vegetables and not a lot of junk food and be active. However, even if you do learn a lot, the most important thing is taking action. And action, like everything else, is a choice. How about a quick lesson on choices?

“Imagine that you have a nice, shiny sports car,” says Pogavat.

“Wow, very fancy car,” says J-O

“Imagine if you put soapy water into its gas tank,” Pogavat continues. “How do you think your car will operate? Well or badly? Pretty badly, right? But what if you give your car the right kind of fuel? How do you think it will operate? Well or badly?

“So, if you give your car the wrong kind of fuel, it won’t operate well at all,” Pogavat says. “But if you provide your car with the right type of fuel, it will run very smoothly. Choices, right?

“OK, young buccaneer, how about I give you some choices of fuel to use for your body–which ones would you pick?”

I hope you enjoyed this small excerpt. It is from a children’s book, of course, but it does contain an important truth. Until next time…

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