What Goes Around Comes Around

Min An/Pexels.com

 “What goes around comes around.” 

I’ve heard that phrase my whole life. However, it wasn’t until later into adulthood that it took on greater meaning for me. 

Some days, I “wake up on the wrong side of the bed.” I don’t give my wife a smile or a good morning kiss. Sensing something amiss, she distances herself. I may be impatient with my boys. As my morning progresses, I can’t seem to find paperwork that I was planning to work on. I try to do some work online and discover that the computer has “frozen.” Other small things seem to go wrong during the course of the day.

Conversely, life seems much easier when I am in a good mood. My day is pleasant when I choose to have feelings of gratitude and cheerfulness towards those around me. I wake up with a smile and take a moment to make coffee for my wife. She smiles and hugs me. My boys laugh with me. Whatever tasks I have planned usually go well. And if they don’t, it’s okay because I’ve already chosen to be happy and thankful.

So, “what goes around” does indeed “come around.” Hostility begets hostility. Kindness begets kindness. What we send out into the world will come back to us.

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