Mindset: The Swap Challenge

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Mindset is essential in everything you do. You will likely excel at whatever you do if you have the correct mindset or attitude. This same truth applies to living a healthy lifestyle. For instance, some people say that becoming healthy is a major chore. That is not the right mindset. Healthy behaviors such as eating wholesome foods and being physically active should not be considered burdens. Instead, people performing such behaviors should feel energetic, focused, and fantastic because that is how you feel when you’re healthy.

Some people may think that to be healthy, they must give up all their favorite foods. Again, this is the wrong mindset. Individuals trying to be healthy shouldn’t feel like they have to give up anything. What they can do is find healthy foods that they also love and substitute them for those they currently eat that may not be the best thing to put into their bodies. So, don’t ever feel as though something is being taken away. You should instead feel that some other mouthwatering food is being added. You are simply swapping out the delicious and unhealthy for the delicious and healthy. Moreover, a tremendous number of healthy recipes are available on the internet and phone apps—and many are free. I would encourage you to take advantage of them.

For example, take macaroni and cheese. That’s right—good old mac n’ cheese. We found a plant-based version of this classic that is much healthier. My wife prepares it, and—wow, it is just delectable! Bonus—I feel great about eating it because I know it benefits my body.

That is a great place to start. If you are trying to eat healthier foods, I encourage you to search the web or phone apps for a healthy recipe and swap it out for one that is not as healthy. Actually, how about a challenge? If you like, I challenge you to swap out an unhealthy meal for a healthy meal once each week for the next four weeks. Just one swap each week. Are you up for it?

If you are—that’s terrific! I would love to know what meal you prepared, how you liked it, and how you felt about it. Feel free to leave comments every week and let me and others know how you are doing. You may just be an inspiration to others!

Note: I will create a post each week for the next four weeks referencing this challenge where you may comment on your own swaps and how it’s going for you.

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  1. Great article. Looking forward to seeing the progress and success of those who take the one-healthy-meal-a-week challenge!

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