Don’t go on a Diet

Markus Spiske/

I know—that sounds like an unusual statement from someone passionate about healthy lifestyles.

But I’ll state it again: Don’t go on a diet.

I make this statement because, although well-intentioned, if you go on a diet, it implies that at some point in time, you are going to come off the diet. Thus, any health improvements that occurred while on the diet will likely be lost when you are off the diet.

What I propose instead of “going on a diet” is to state that you are going to change your lifestyle. You are going to change the way you eat. You are going to commit to eating healthier foods. This is a much more powerful way to state your intention. You are expressing your resolution to a lifelong change rather than a temporary fix. This will help ensure that you achieve your health goals and enjoy years of good health and vitality.

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