It Can Be Better

I know there IS more.  I know it CAN be better. I’ve seen so much during my years as an Emergency Medicine physician.  As ER doctors, PAs, nurses and techs, we help the sick and injured. We save lives.  We help the worried well.  It can be so rewarding. It can also be sad.

The biggest part of “sad” is when you can’t help people, no matter how hard you try.  I do understand that matters are ultimately in God’s hands. For me, another part of “sad” is when I see so many people who are suffering from illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and emphysema. These people often have long medication lists and many times are relatively young. What I find to be so unfortunate is that many times this does not have to be so. Is this really true quality of life?  Can we do anything to make it better?  I KNOW WE CAN.

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